BJ learns a few new things


2005 I had been learning alot of new things as well as the old. This video brings it all together. He enjoyed my regular extreme stretching and fisting but his true loves are to cane my ass and take me to new levels of passion. See how it progressed.....


This video is approximately 2 hours long.



I'm in a sling and he warms me up with some nice fingering and slapping of my pussy. We then played some pussy ball. Pushing the ball in and out of my soaking wet pussy. Putting a suction toy on my clit really makes it sensitive for rubbing while the ball is still in there. He fucks my ass with an inflatible dildo which takes me over the edge. He continues with pussy fisting me. If you like close-ups then you will love this one as he pounds my pussy with his fist until I squirt. He puts his fist back in my pussy and plays with my asshole.


I'm playing on the floor with some huge toys. I shoot a soda can out of my pussy then move on to the really big ones. I then work with an extinguisher. Doesn't work out well since I keep thinking it will go off...but I do get it in. I then decide to put it in my ass so I warm up with a small toy, bottle and soda can. I then start riding the large pink toy. I start fisting my ass and pulling it open and using my string of balls. I hadn't done anything in my ass for a couple months prior to this scene. The balls do tear up my ass a bit so you might want to shut your eyes at this point if you don't like a mess. This was the first time he started to smack my ass and leave hand prints. Little did I know what I would be taught to love. He continues using my ass with the inflatible dildo again. Pushing it in and out of my ass as I rub my clit. He then starts to anal fist me for the first time. For the first time, he does a great job getting me off with a good squirt. I then lay on my back and play with the inflatible dildo and a doubled up toy in my pussy. Popa got turned on watching me play. He wanted to get off he climbed on my face and let me lick his ass while watching me play with the toys. I lift my top and he squirts his cum all over my chest. I continue to play with my toys. The vibrating dildo make me squirt a gusher.


I'm relaxing on a Saturday night and we decide to start playing around. I start with my vibrating clit sucker while he adds a dildo to my asshole. He then takes out the dildo and puts in my string of balls in my pussy and adds a different dildo to my ass. Holding both toys...he fucks my ass and pussy at the same time with the toys. He could tell I needed more. He removes the pussy toy and starts fisting me with the other toy still in my ass. He then decides I need the really big toy in my pussy but it just won't go in that way. I then lay on my back and Popa throws me an orange to play with. I push it in and out until I squirt all over it.


After I had been playing with a friend, he said I had to blow him. Had to do it with a condom on though since I had been bad that weekend. I practice my deepthroating on him. I normally don't have my cock sucking on video this will be an extra treat for you.


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