BJ is Disciplined


I did not follow some basic rules. He had said I could go to my friend's place (my future husband) but I didn't ask to be ass fucked without a condom. This video brings you through the disciplining of my disobedience.


It is approximately 2 hours long.



Begins by questioning what I had done. I am blindfolded and he has my hands in cuffs behind my back and is going to make me deep throat him. First he has me fall onto the bed not knowing what was going to happen and he has me lick his ass which he hasn't cleaned to remind me of my ass not being clean after fucking. I love to swallow his cum but because of my disobidenence he won't let me touch his cock with my mouth or swallow his cum directly from his cock for 2 months. He forces me to suck him off with a condom on to remind me to wear one next time. This video is the first time that I show some good deep throating. I have to go to the pee after awhile and that brings me to the next punishment. The cock sucking is the hottest you are going to find anywhere but the vocal interaction between Popa and myself is alot of fun as well.


I am lying on my back with my hands shackled behind me and feet tied. I am totally in his submission. He starts by locking my pussy with clips which he also uses on my nipples and breasts. Using a crop he spanks them off of my breasts until I scream for him to stop. He then continues taking them off showing how they had put bite marks on my pussy. These clips were painful but I took them without much I had a choice. He then flips me over again tying me to the bed. I then request my discipline for not doing what I was told. He begins by spanking my ass with his hand but quickly moves onto crops, paddles, canes and a paintbrush. He continually talks to me about why he is doing this to me and making sure I understand. To make sure my ass is well used so that I don't need to go fuck again...he asks if I need to be fisted hard.


Starts to fist my ass without any preparation or much lube except from him having been spitting in my ass during the caning. It is a tough position to take a deep fisting so I request to be moved to the floor. If there is a mess, I would have to clean it up and you know how turned on I can get from being ass fisted. I'm then moved to the floor still in cuffs. He allows me to remove them because the fisting is turning me on so much that I need to rub my clit. After just moments of rubbing myself, I cum to a screaming orgasm. I was a trooper having not prepared at all for this brutal ass fisting. If you are looking for a nice gentle clean ass fisting..this isn't it so be forewarned...this is the real deal.


The video then moves onto a phone call a few days later. I usually would have immediately attended to him if he called for me to serve him. It was late at night and he said it was alright for me to do what he says on the webcam. He tells me over the phone how to pleasure myself while he watching on his cam at home. It gives you a good peek into our life and how we interact. It is a fun time and of course I do some large toys, use the clothespins on my breasts until there is no more room and have a great squirting orgasm from the big toy.


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