We have put out 5 videos in a year and a half or so that were well thought of and widely praised. We were very reluctant to repeat the same stuff we had already done, and even more reluctant to release a video just for the sake of having a video to sell. We felt that by doing so, we would compromise the genuine heat and passion that we believe, have made the videos as well received as they have been, and we really have strived to maintain the standard of nastiness that we established in the previous videos. Consequently, this video took longer of any of the previous ones to assemble. If we only had the luxury of a live in camera man, we would be able to video tape our sexual escapades every time we have sex and have a new and different video every other month or so. Unfortunately, a great deal of what we really enjoy doing cannot be video taped using a camera on a tripod. I guess we will have to save that for the Travelling bj Road Show, coming to a town near you...just kidding. We will be able to work in a camera man in the future now and again, so you can still expect new and exciting stuff from us, in addition to our plans for live web broadcasting from the Maximum Wet site.
The action in this is unique and original for us, with new large toys and huge dildos, new positions and new levels of intensity. We also explore our bondage and discipline fetish combined with our fisting and large object fetish for the first time on video, although it has been a part of our realworld sex lives for quite some time.
As with all the previous videos, what you see is really what you get. There is no looping of scenes to stretch the running time. There is no pointless plot to distract you from the sex. You have my word that you will not have to keep hitting the fast forward button on your remote to get to a good part. It is almost 2 hours of continuous balls to the wall sex. The only plot is to see how many times I can make bj cum and how many times I can get her to squirt, and believe me, she absolutely does puts forth her best effort. The talking and banter between us is not rehearsed or planned, it is obviously spontaneous. Even the nasty story bj tells me at the end was spur of the moment. None of the sex is contrived or scripted or story boarded. None of the orgasms are faked and none of the passion is simulated because neither one of us are actors, just real people who love real extreme sex...hope you love it too.



the running time is 1 hour and 50 minutes


bj on a couch surrounded by lots of dildos and toys. She picks up a large one and starts to fuck her pussy...Ariel comes over to the couch and fucks her pussy with a very fat dildo...then he sucks her clit while he fucks and fists her pussy while she rubs and spreads fists herself and spreads more for the camera...finally bj cums really hard while riding the fat dildo to the balls and rubbing her clit wildly. 9 minutes 15 seconds.

bj kneels on the couch with her back to the camera while sitting on a really big dildo...she fingers and spreads her asshole for the camera. Ariel comes into the scene and fucks her asshole with a good sized butt plug, then fucks her ass with a dildo called the L.A. Special, which is like a series of large butt plugs. He then he uses some medium sized anal beads, pulling them out slowly, replacing them with a larger set and leaving all of them in while bj rubs her clit. Ariel starts fisting her pussy while he pulls out the beads, he fists her pussy while bj reaches a shattering orgasm. 12 minutes 30 seconds

bj is on a couch again surrounded with her dildos and toys. She puts the biggest one on the floor and fucks it with her pussy, then she takes the monster dildo up her ass, fucking it deep and rubbing her clit. She pops it out and spreads and fists her asshole, then she fucks her pussy with the monster while she is wearing serious nipple clamps, sitting down on it on the floor and then back up on the couch with the monster up her asshole. She then sticks the LA Special up her ass riding it almost the entire 14" length. She then reaches back and fists her ass for the camera. 15 minutes

bj is wearing a very tight and sexy leather bondage corsett. Ariel sucks and pinches her nipples, then puts mousetraps on each one. bj lays back on the bed and Ariel starts to play with her pussy then sticks a Lousiville Slugger baseball bat up her pussy fucking her with it deeply. Ariel then fists her for a while before putting bj in ankle restraints and spreading her legs wide with a spreader bar on bj legs. He cuffs her hands and ties them. Ariel picks up a riding crop and starts to whip bj nipples and butt and clit with it. At first she says it doesn't hurt so Ariel steps it up, making her twist and groan with the pleasure and pain. Her ass cheeks are reddened and so is her pussy lips. He fucks her pussy with the baseball bat again really whipping her clit with bj begging for more. Ariel then fucks her pussy with his hand, then he fists her ass, still whipping her clit hard with the riding crop while bj fucks back hard, sticking 4 of her own fingers in her ass alongside Ariel's. He rubs her clit hard while he keeps fisting her ass until she cums hard again. Ariel unties bj hands so that she can play with her clit while he fists her asshole deep and hard til she cums again, this time squirting a bunch. Ariel picks up the baseball bat again and fucks her ass with it fists her ass and pussy. Ariel puts a large metal speculum up bj ass and really spreads it wide to gape bj ass for the camera. He picks up a photo light and shines it right in her hole so it is illuminated and you get to see the back of her asshole deeper and clearer than ever before. (This has got to please even the most devout "Gaper" fanatic because you can pause the tape and the picture does not break up.) bj then shoots the speculum out of her asshole while it is still spread to the max., which is an incredible feat. Hands down, some of the hottest sex we have ever had, either on or off the camera. I have purchased many videos that didn't have as much hot sex in them as this one scene does. 43 minutes (3 cum shots and 2 squirt shots.)

bj is on a couch again with a huge dildo in her pussy while Ariel stuffs her ass with good sized butt plug. He fucks her harder and harder while she rubs her clit, cumming hard and squirting again with a double dong up her ass and the huge dildo up in her pussy. 8 minutes

bj is upside down on her shoulders with her back to the camera Her feet are cuffed and spread wide with a spreader bar and tied to a railing behind her, making her asshole the perfect target. Ariel starts to play with her asshole, eventually fisting her while bj rubs her clit wildly fucking Ariel's hand deep in her ass. She cums hard and squirts again, then fists her own ass while Ariel puts 4 fingers in alongside her hand. Ariel keeps fisting her ass and rubs and sucks her clit. He hauls her up higher on the railing and with bj legs up over her head and her back still to the camera. Ariel straddles her legs and facing the camera, proceeds to fuck her ass long and deep, putting his hand in with his cock and jerking off until he blows a monster sized load all over bj asshole and ass cheeks. 10 minutes

bj is fucking her ass with a dildo, telling Ariel who is behind the camera, a really nasty story/fantasy. bj really gets into telling him about what she would do with another girl and another guy and him. Ariel comes over to the couch and fucks her with a dildo while she fists her pussy and rubs her clit. She then fucks her pussy with a huge double dildo, while Ariel fists her ass until she cums very hard again. He then takes the double dong, bends it in half and fills both of her holes with it. bj massages her clit and begs for more until she cums screaming and squirts a bunch again. 12 minutes


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