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I had been talking about doing a 2 male threesome for quite a while, but for one reason or another, it did not work out...mostly chemistry and geography were the culprits. Finally, someone displayed an interest who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk, and even better, bj and I were in accord. The combination of players gave us an opportunity to do some sex stuff we were unable to do in the past and of course, it also freed up one of us to be camera person. We are very beholding to Chris for making the drive up from Fort Myers and for being such a passionate player. BJ and I both watched the video after it was edited (a total rarity for BJ, who hardly ever watches any of her own footage) and we both agreed that it was some of the hottest stuff we ever got on video. Hands down...pun intended. We had done double anal fisting in the second video, but only for a few minutes and bj did not cum. In this video, BJ takes both hands in her butt most of the way, and has an incredible orgasm in the process. We had also done some fisting/fucking (our favorite position) but never with suck good angles and true orgasmic heat. You, BJ fans, will be the final judge, but anyway you look at the video, you have our guarantee that it will get your dick hard, or your pussy wet, whatever the case may be. I very beholding to Chris for making the drive up from Fort Myers and for being such a passionate player.



the running time is 1 hour and 42 minutes.


Chris shackles BJ to his custom made bondage X. He starts to play with her pussy while Ariel attaches strong hypo suckers to BJ nipples. Ariel tugs on the chains holding the hypos while Chris starts to suck BJ pussy and clit and fist her pussy. He keeps on sucking her clit and fisting her pussy while he fingers her asshole with bj totally helpless in the restraints(one of her favorite fantasys is to be completely restrained and forced). She finally reaches an earth shattering orgasm, bouncing in the restraints and chains and making loud groans of sexual pleasure. This scene lasts 22 scorching minutes.

BJ starts off in a red outfit laying on her back on the bed playing with her pussy. Chris and Ariel each start sucking a nipple while she plays with their cocks. She sucks Ariel's cock while Chris sucks and fingers her pussy. Ariel then sits on bj face so she can suck his asshole and jerk his cock, which she does with great enthusiasm. Chris is fisting BJ pussy while he is sucking her clit. Chris adds a butt plug to BJ asshole while she continues to suck Ariel's cock and balls. Chris and Ariel switch ends and Ariel rips off BJ outfit to get at her pussy and ass. He sticks first a small butt plug up her ass and then a larger one, pinching her clit while she sucks Chris's cock and asshole while Chris pulls on her nipples. Ariel grabs a monster dildo and shoves it in her ass as BJ asks for more. He sticks a smaller one in her pussy and fucks both holes hard while she masturbates to another huge orgasm. This scene is 33 minutes.

BJ is on her knees playing with and fingering her asshole as Chris gives her a few good spanks. Chris and Ariel start to play with BJ holes. They alternate one hand at a time. First up the ass then up the pussy. They do this vigorously and bj fucks back hard moaning and groaning while she rubs her fat clit. At one point both fists are in both of her holes to the wrist and she finally cums, thrashing all around the bed with both hands in her. This scene is 12 minutes.

BJ is getting fisted in the pussy and Ariel comes over to get his cock sucked. Ariel then starts to fuck BJ ass deep while Chris fingers her clit. Ariel then puts his fist in bj asshole along with his cock and fists her hard, Ariel climbs off and spanks bj asshole then sticks another monster dildo in BJ ass and fucks her deeply. He adds his hand to the dildo in her ass and fucks her with both of them. He straddles her back and removing the dildos, Ariel begins to fist bj asshole with one hand then the other. He fists her ass hard this way then adds both hands at the same time, fucking her deep and hard with bj yelling for more until she cums with both of Ariel's hands up her ass. Ariel spreads her asshole for the camera. This scene lasts 15 minutes.

SCENE 5 and 6
BJ is in black on her knees with her ass to the camera. Ariel starts to fuck and fist her asshole again with some great close ups of hard assfisting, making the bed shake hard as BJ reaches another shattering orgasm. Ariel leaves his fist in her ass and starts to really spank BJ until her ass is glowing red. He keeps ass fisting her and spanking her until she cums again, gaping her asshole for the camera when she is done cumming. This scene lasts 15 minutes.

BJ fists her pussy while Ariel fucks and fists her asshole with more close ups of the fisting. BJ really goes to town on Ariel's fist, fucking it as hard as she can. Ariel straddles her back again and with bj asking for more, he double fists her asshole deep and hard while she gives her clit a serious workout, bouncing on Ariel's fists until she cums one more mind boggling time. This scene lasts an incredible 12 minutes.


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