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The first time that bj squirted during orgasm, the cameras were not rolling, and we were both surprised and I think that bj was a little embarassed, thinking that perhaps she may have wet the bed. I had once or twice seen squirting females in other videos but never in real life, and to tell the truth, I was suspect of the squirting itself. I was convinced at that point that it was just a bladder control thing. When bj squirted the first time, (I believe it was during anal fisting), it was not the color of urine, nor was it the same consistency. It was much more clear in color, and slightly viscous to the touch, and I should mention that it was also an incredible turn on for me.
A while later, bj squirted again during sex and still had no warning that she was going to do it. I don't remember exactly what we were doing, but I do remember that it was stimulating what I had read to be the "G" spot, at the top of her pussy and behind her clit. As time went on, she began to do it with more frequency, but still could not do it on command and since the camera was running comparatively infrequently, I thought the odds of actually getting it on video were pretty slim.
The first time we actually were able to videotape it, was during number 3 back in August of '97. With the introduction of live shows from our site, and the purchase of a particular fat dildo that I now call the "AutoSquirter", we have been able to accumulate some considerable footage of the phenomenon. All but three of the 13 scenes have been taken from our recent live shows. At 1 or 2 frames a second on the live shows, I'm sure that for those who have been tuning in, they have not seen them clearly with all the you can see what you've been missing.
For those doubting Thomases out there amongst you, I give you my personal guarantee that none of the squirting scenes are faked. If you run the close up shots on frame advance, you can see that it is not coming from bj peehole. If you look at the 2 scenes with bj in the sling, you can plainly see that it is more milky in color and that it doesn't flow like pee.
At any rate, the sex is hot and bj demonstrates once again that she is truly a one of a kind girl. I'll mention in closing that the best episode for me so far, has been just recently when I was up on my knees between bj legs while she laid on her back on the bed and I had my hand in her pussy which was wrapped around my cock which was in her ass. I was actually jerking myself off using her pussy when all of a sudden she reached a shattering orgasm and squirted all over me...I mean she drenched my hand and cock and balls and was the best, sorry we can't get stuff like that on video, but the positions that are the hottest for both of us, unfortunately, are the positions that are the worst for the camera angle, especially when the camera is on a tripod.



The running time is 57 minutes and 28 seconds.


BJ is straddling a black weight bench with her fabulous butt toward the camera. Ariel is standing to the side and fisting her ass nice and slow and deep while bj works vigorously on her clit. She starts screaming and begging for more fist and she fucks Ariels hand hard until she reaches a very loud orgasm, squirting a stream of nectar onto the bench. The scene is from recent live internet stuff. The scene is 2 minutes long.

BJ is straddling a wooden chair facing the camera with a very fat dildo in her pussy. She rides the dildo hard working on that fat clit of hers until she cums hard, squirting onto the chair for the camera. The scene is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long.

BJ fucks herself with a few Oranges while sitting on a chair facing the camera. With both oranges in her pussy and the camera in tight closeup, she starts to cum, pushing out the oranges and squirting nicely. One of the better closeups I have seen of the phenomenon. The scene is 4 minutes long.

BJ fucks a 2 litre bottle down to the label, then fucks her pussy one hand at a time while pulling her pussy way open and putting both hands in. Finishing with a fat dildo in her pussy in closeup, she cums and squirts very good onto the chair. The scene is 7 minutes long.

BJ is getting ass fisted again, this time on her knees and Ariel really giving it to her hard and deep and bj fucks back just as hard, trying to get it in as far as it will go, rubbing her clit til she cums squirting. The scene is 6 minutes long.

This scene is from Video number 5 and I had to include it because it is one of the hottest squirting scenes of all times(my opinion might be predjudiced). bj is in a leather sling which is hung from the rafters and her legs are cuffed up to the supporting chains. Ariel is between her legs with his fist and cock buried in bj ass, fucking her hard enough to get that sling rocking and rolling. The cameraman, being oh so creative decided to get underneath us and shoot up so the view is truly original and is just ass fist and cock until she screams in orgasm and she doesn't just squirt in this scene, she literally gushes...must be a quart, ok, at least an ounce, but it drips down for a while onto the floor. The scene is 4 minutes long.

This scene is also from video number 5, and is also in the sling(boy I love that sling) In this scene, Ariel is fucking bj pussy with Dr. Bob's donated dildo while he jams a butt plug where it is supposed to be jammed. she is swinging back and forth in the sling getting fucked hard and deep until she cums, squirting copiously. The scene is 4 inutes and 32 seconds long.

This scene was the first time we were able to get BJ actually squirting on camera, and although she doesn't squirt with tremendous volume, I thought the scene was so hot that it should be included here. It's taken from video number 3 with bj lying on her back on a bed and Ariel fisting her pussy while Gin(the blonde girl) fists BJ ass and pinches her nipples. BJ plays with Gin's nipples while rubbing her own clit and asking for more, harder and deeper. She is really yelling when she starts to cum. The camera was not in tight for the shot, but you can see her squirt and then she slaps her pussy a few times, splashing it around. The scene is 4 minutes long.

BJ on her side sucking Gin's nipples while Gin pinches hers. Ariel moves behind and starts to fuck and fist her ass. Gin keeps pinching bj nipples hard then fists her pussy while Ariel fists her ass until she cums hard. The scene is 5 minutes.

BJ is straddling the wooden chair fucking her pussy with an orange while the pink butt plug is up her ass. The camera gets in very close while she vigorously rubs her clit until the orange pops out followed by a stream of ejaculate. The scene is 5 minutes and 50 seconds long.

BJ is still in the same chair and this time she is fucking her pussy with a baseball. She masturbates with gusto, popping out the ball and a nice flow of cum. The scene is 3 minutes and 10 seconds long

BJ is standing astraddle of the bowling pin which is on a chair and up her pussy to the label. She fucks the bowling pin long and hard while she rubs her swollen clit, finally shooting out a stream of cum as she orgasms. The scene is 3 minutes long.

BJ has a great time fucking herself with an apple and rubbing her pussy and clit until she squirts again in orgasm. The scene is 9 minutes long.


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